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Thank You.

This has been one hell of a crazy year for me. 
People came and left.
We hated and forgave.
We sowed and reaped.
We cried and laughed.

But, there're a number of things that occurred this year that I want to highlight.

I've finally found the person I could trust my life with.
Kasar and I are back to talking terms.
My music is starting to get a little more attention.

I really want to thank you, Fatface, for always being so nice to me. Many people I know would totally want to be in my shoes when it comes to having you around always. There has been 0 drama for us, loads of good times and tons of food this year. I love you the most, Fatface, and don't try to act like you don't already know it. Frens 4eva.

Vanjill contacted me one afternoon, not too long ago, and told me about Kasar. Yes, I can definitely forgive what he did, because from what I know, our issue has still been disturbing him the past years. It's like, a dream to see his name on my phone's screen. So, thank you Vanjill for clearing things up!

'Never Say Never' has been downloaded close to 2000 times. Something I didn't expect. I was telling everyone how happy I would be just to see 500 downloads and worrying that it won't hit 500. So, thank you everyone for spreading word about this song. I promise to come up with more songs as good as 'Never Say Never'!

I'll be heading to a private party at Supperclub tonight for the New Years' celebration! Pretty cool. Too bad Fadli and Rizar aren't in town.

Have a good night!

SOUND SERIES II / Experience counts.

20th December 2009 (THIS SUNDAY)
“Back 2 The Beats”
“The Official After Party of Swap & $hop 2009”
Doors open at 4pm SHARP!

A very exclusive Calendar Diary for 2010 featuring guest artistes and significant people in society will be given to YOU if you head down early!

I've put in a lot of hard work preparing for this event,
namely the Ohsofickle's fashion show and for my special guest appearance,
where I'll be performing my cover, 'Never Say Never' and a song that I penned, 'You & I'.

If you haven't downloaded my version of 'Never Say Never', do it here.

This event is really ALL IN ONE.
With Gigs, Fashion Show (Hot girls) and the Flea.
Tell me, what more can we ask for?

Meow Meow Meow.



The Best Friend.

Primitive Boys I shot.

Shared the "more happening" pictures.
Will share more after the event!

During this period of time, I've learned a bit.
Actually, quite a bit.
Praying hard that the show will run well and that my performance would be awesome.
See you guys at St. James this coming Sunday!
Be there or be square!

Tests tomorrow and I'm unprepared, amen.


I'm still alive Part II.

So, I was talking about my Livejournal and Althea said she reads it. So, hi Althea!

I'll talk more about what I've been doing recently! Having a great time!

Exhausted nowww, stay tuned!

Lindsay Lohan FTW!

Her assistant touched down yesterday and I finally got the items that Lindsay promised to give me.


12" Promotional Single:

"Confessions of a Broken Heart" (Radio Station's Promotional Single):

6 track Promotional Press Released CD:

A Little More Personal (Raw) Album:

Probably the best day of 2009.





You stand a chance to win $1000 worth of Takashimaya's vouchers!

20 cents per SMS.


We wanna know if YOU supported her, so please leave a comment after texting:)

Yesterday, I woke up feeling really excited.
The film that I was anticipating was finally released (i was 2 days late, damn).
AND it was the day I would be catching it. To top it off, with another scaredy cat Pony, meow neigh~

It was.. disappointing.
Some of the gore scenes were pretty computerized.
I know all gore scenes are fake, but shouldn't they at the very least have the decency to make it look convincing, like the other 3?

Breakfast at Starbucks with Col@, damn good.
We were so bored after (we should have left for our respective grams' after breakfast but C's one was cancelled) so
I accompanied her and we went to play... BOWLING haha, BOWLING!

I watched the IL's interview video that C showed me. It was so funny.
So funny that C&I kept repeating 1:06 and still laughed and laughed (in the bus, in Starbucks, while walking).
We even mimicked the way IL spoke, BEST TIME.

My dogs were hugging each other while sleeping:

I felt bad for waking them up hahahaha, gay times (pun intended).

I'll be flying off to Aussie tomorrow after my paper.
I hate packing. I really do. Help me.
See you guys when I get back!

We know some of those are from you,
but I'll still talk to you when you do.
It's not I who's being noble,
but it's I who sympathize you, friend.


I can't think now because I'm so hungry.

I'm so hungry.

I was informed by my dentist that I've had braces for exactly 2 years this August. BUT (there's always a but), there's still a lot more work to be done (fuck, the extraction gaps aren't even closed after 2 years, 2 FUCKING YEARS!) and I'll have to be patient.

They're even better than the cutest soft toys:

I can't wait to go over to Sydney.
I plan to shop big time for myself and a little for Col@, the best girl alive (hahahaha), but according to her, there's not an Aussie brand for guys that she can name that's in Sydney.
But then again, maybe she's just lousy.

Oh, and One thing I don't understand is why people think that she's arrogant.
She has got to be one of the most humble, naive and nicest person I've ever met.
Humble/naive just don't go with the word arrogant, just like purple/green with orange.
She's pretty affected by comments people make and I gotta say I'm not happy about it.
So, please, STOP.

Oh my God C, if you're reading this, I sound like I'm so in love with you, in an unhealthy way.

So, I've been doing some filming for the past 2-3 weeks?
Quite an experience.

More random pictures:

Meeting the guys tomorrow for poker.
Movie&dinner on Friday with Donna and again with Clara on Saturday.
Have a great weekend!




No Subject.

It's been a fairly long time since I last had an entry.
So.. hello again!

I just took my last exam paper today, HAHA.
Pretty damn sure I'll pass most of it. (I have my secret study ways right, Keem!)

Yeah OK, so anyway, I'm waiting for Hilary to come over to chill and make some sandwiches for tonight's Pot Luck at Jackey's.
I really thought that Hilary was gonna stay in Aussie and not come back ever since she told me she was eloping, what a fat ass liar.
Oh! And I'm planning on going over to Aussie this September for a holiday/spend time with Keem.
But I've not gotten my major exams' timetable yet, which is making the booking of tickets really hard.

I need to start continuing my driving tests again, procrastinating BIG TIME since I passed the first Basic one in early February.
If I have had the motivation, I'd already be driving to school now.

Durian buffet tomorrow at Goodwood Park!

Daryl: If someone were to pay you $200,000 to eat up vomited durian, would you?
Collette: Eww, no!!!
Daryl: I will! $200,000 is a lot!
Collette: You're so grozz.
Collette: OK lah, actually I think I will too.


Even best friends do betray you.. BIG TIME.

Hi everyone.
I have breaking news.
It's just fucking unbelievable that your best friend would actually steal your stuff.
No, I'm just a third party of this whole incident, but the victims are my good friends.

OK, since the previous post was a little overboard, I decided I would edit everything.
Those who saw the first hand ones, lucky you.
To those who just read this, you'll still get the idea.

So, J stole money from her best friends.
Threw away their wallets and withdrew money from their ATM.
I think what J did was really cruel and cunning.
You guys should see what excuses she gave.
R Low and E Tay are the victims.
If you wanna know the whole story, go dig further!